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PRE-LAUNCH EMAIL: Send on July 2, 2019

Subject: The Local Retargeting Secret Happens Tomorrow…

Hey [Name],

Hope you’re having a great day…and it’s about to get even better.

Recently, my local marketer buddies Bruce Newmedia and Parviz SA told me that they are launching a brand new training package called “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard”… July 3 (tomorrow)

Bruce and Parviz have “cracked the code” for generating easy (and I mean very simple) $500 monthly need to see this.

As you know, hundreds of thousands of local businesses spend big $$ for SEO and online traffic. Heck, Google makes their entire living off selling paid PPC ads to businesses!

BUT there’s a big problem:

Most local businesses only focus on generating more NEW TRAFFIC (visitors) to their websites/landing pages...

But they DON'T DO ANYTHING to leverage or profit from “warm” prospects who’ve already visited their websites/landing pages but didn't take any action...

Holy Moly, that’s 70% - 90% of the traffic!!

Local businesses are missing a HUGE opportunity and wasting tons of Ad Budget. Inside their new training package, Bruce and Parviz reveal an AMAZING solution to this costly problem PLUS:
- How to find and prospect those local business (with two client generation methods)
- How to close deals and get paid
- How to provide the service
- And much more

Plus, they are providing great prospecting tools and step-by-step content that makes client generation an easy process. Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll alert you once “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard” launches.

PS: In the meantime, check the amazing bonuses I’ve prepared for you, if you use my link.

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Talk to you soon,
[Your Name]

LAUNCH EMAIL: Send on July 3, 2019

Subject: [LIVE] Local Retargeting Cash Is Ready For You…

Hey [Name],

Great News!

As I said yesterday, “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard” is the new training package by Bruce Newmedia and Parviz SA. It shows you how to PROFIT by helping local businesses leverage their "lost" 70% - 90% website/landing page traffic.

What’s even better? It requires no cold-calling, face-to-face meetings or ridiculous startup costs.
Here’s what is included inside the package:
- Step-By-Step Training Guide
- Sales Proposal Template
- Tracking Tool
- DFY Facebook Video Ad
- DFY Facebook Lead Ad
- And Two Great Bonuses!

The training package contains everything you need to land your first client, without breaking a sweat.
This works so well because it’s DIFFERENT. Local prospects are tired of hearing about SEO and Reputation etc. You’re bringing them something NEW.

You’re one small step away from becoming a hero for the thousands of local businesses and building a stronger consulting business. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to check my bonuses and get your copy of “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard” today!

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By acting early, you'll save plenty and give yourself a huge advantage.

Very best,
[Your Name]

POST-LAUNCH EMAIL: Send on July 4, 2019 (Exclude subscribers who already bought it)

Subject: Local Businesses Are Sick Of Old Services!…

Hey [Name],

Did you see my previous emails about a ‘different’ offline service?

If YES - I would strongly advise you to act quickly, as you don’t want to miss:
- The special discounted price (it’s on a dimesale - the price increases with every sale)
- The huge advantage you’ll get by using the method, since competition is low
- My amazing bonuses

If NO – read further.

Bruce Newmedia and Parviz have launched an AMAZING offer yesterday which helps local marketing consultants, like you and me, land high paying clients.
They provide a simple service to local businesses that aren’t leveraging their "lost" 70% - 90% website and landing page traffic.

Yes, local businesses will pay for consultants who help them solve this issue.

Using the unique methods inside the training package, you can easily provide this service to local business …while cashing $500+ monthly fees!

Click the link below to check my bonuses and see all the details about “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard”.

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By acting today, you'll be able to get this new training package at a special discounted price AND receive my valuable bonuses.

Very best,
[Your Name]

FAQ EMAIL: Send on July 5, 2019 (Exclude subscribers who already bought it)

Subject: Questions Everyone Asks Me About Retargeting…

Hey [Name],

Here are some frequently asked questions about “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard” and my responses.
I hope you find it useful.

  1. Can I do it if I am outside US? Yes, you can implement this from anywhere.
  2. What do I need to implement this method? You’ll need a computer with internet access, the training guide and about 5 hours a week. (And small startup funds only if you use the Facebook Ads prospecting method.)
  3. What prospecting methods are included inside the training? There are two methods described inside the training – cold emailing method and Facebook Ads methods.
  4. How long it takes to see results? There’s no exact answer to this question, of course, but many can see early results in 2+ weeks. It will mainly depend on the prospecting method you use and how much time you can invest.
  5. Does the course show how to provide service? Yes, inside the product is step-by-step training on how to provide the service.

OK, if you didn’t get your copy yet, you can do it now by clicking the link below.

[Your affiliate link]

Very best,
[Your Name]

LAST DAY EMAIL: Send on July 7, 2019 (Exclude subscribers who already bought it)

Subject: [IMPORTANT!] Special Price Discount Ends Tonight!…

Hey [Name],

Quick News: “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard” price is going up tonight.
We haven’t decided yet how high it will be, but why pay more when you can still get it at a special launch price?

As I’ve been saying, using this highly effective system, you can sign local business clients in a few days...with ZERO cold calls or face-to-face meetings.

Plus, if you act today and get your copy of “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard,” you’ll get access to my special bonuses. So far, everyone tells me they’re worth the small price by themselves.

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Don’t miss you chance and get “Local Retargeting Cash Wizard” in these last hours.

Very best,
[Your Name]

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