Today, no one in their right mind would market without follow-up, yet local businesses do it everyday.

These same local businesses know something is wrong because they're spending and seeing little in return...month after month!

The system we're going to introduce you to is designed to turn those losing numbers around...and it works like clockwork.

Even better, you can work from home, set your own hours, work with clients who are proven to spend constantly...and earn a six figure income.

Give us Just ONE HOUR Of Your Time to make it happen... 

AND We Guarantee You Will NEVER cold call or 'beg' for clients again!

Now, as you carefully read this page, and see if this new approach suits you.

Welcome, this is Bruce Newmedia...

When Parviz first discussed Retargeting with me I immediately thought of the re-targeting you see from online retailers - the big guys like Amazon and Ebay, etc.

Retargeting happens when you visit a website and they put a cookie on your computer.

No matter where you go on the web, they will identify you — meaning that they can show you ads related to the web pages you visited.

I'm sure you're experiencing more and more of these ads yourself, the ones that seem to "Follow You Around" online.

Companies pay for that privilege and its worth it, since they keep doing it.

So, I was curious..."Can this really be effective for local businesses, the kind I work with now?"

"Yes absolutely, he said, "because its now possible to run these campaigns at low cost or no cost and get surprising results.

"The Branding and image building are not to be ignored either. I've not seen a cheaper way to embed your client's business in the visitors mind."

I have to admit I had never run a retargeting campaign for a client. It just never occurred to me.

Well, Parviz changed my mind when I saw the tools he created to both sell and implement these retargeting campaigns.

Then he took his results and tweaked them some more to get even better retargeting. This is the PERFECT marketing vehicle to offer to almost any local client.

Oh and did I mention there's serious money to be made doing this?

Parviz asked me to help him get the word out so other local consultants could copy what he's doing....and I was happy to do so.

It works like magic but almost nobody knows about it. You'll ask yourself, how can something so simple be so powerful, and yet so little known by local businesses?

This is an incredible opportunity for you to...
• Attract clients overnight regardless of the economy
• Build your business with a ridiculously low cost or no-cost method.
• Flood your client's websites with paying clients.
• Laugh at the wasteful ways most businesses operate.
• Be embarrassed to tell friends how little you actually work!
• Get results very quickly!
• Apply The POWER of 80/20

Why Does Retargeting Work So Well?

The main driving factor behind retargeting is that it gives your clients business a second chance at conversion.

It increases the odds the customer may come back from the distractions that led them away earlier...and end up making a purchase they really do want to make.

Here's the biggest reasons why local companies should test a retargeting campaign as part of their overall marketing...

**Retargeting Gives A New Chance At Converting.

Every marketer wants a second chance to grab someone's attention, and retargeting gives you just that. It allows you to reach out to users who have some interest in your clients product or service product and remind them why they visited their website in the first place. Retargeting takes one chance of a sale, and transforms it into multiple chances!

**Retargeting Improves Your Ad Campaign Overall

While most companies know that marketing is an essential part of running a successful business, Retargeting shows them how to beat the odds. Because they only pay for impressions for users who have ALREADY visited your website.

The engagement level from retargeting efforts is generally higher than the engagement results from other advertising campaigns. 

**Retargeting Increases Profits By Cross-selling & Upselling

You can choose to take your retargeting campaign one step further by placing a pixel on a conversion or thank you page that allows you to build an audience of high-value visitors. 

If these customers have converted before and you can give them a compelling offer that relates to their needs or interests, the chances are that they'll be willing to convert again.

Retargeting Really Does Work

Facebook and Retargeting

One of the best media to launch Retargteing campaigns is Facebook. They have created a platform and a setup process that's easy and allows for EXTREME AUDIENCE TARGETING. When you see our instruction on how to use Facebook Retargeting you're...

Not Going To Be Able
To Sleep At NIght!

Financially, you'll realize this is a 'goldmine' and once clients get on the services they are not going to want off it.


Introducing "Local Retargeting Cash Wizard"...

Just take a look at all I cover in the training...

**How a dentist loses $1050 on promotions BEFORE adding retargeting (page 6)

**Why an investment in SEO services still loses a restaurant money since there's no retargeting!

**How a $5 ad budget is all you need to start with one strategy

**Discover The Solution That Pays For Itself

**Beat The Banks! How To Invest $1 and get a $32 return...over and over again. (page 7)

**The 2 Options Clients Don't Even Know Exist.

**List of the BEST local Businesses For Retargeting (page 9)

**Dont make this Retargeting mistake right out of the box

**3 FREE tools you MUST Use! (why pay for them?) (page 10)

**The FoolProof way to check if they're already using Retargeting (page 11)

**Why "estimated monthly traffic" matters so much.

**Complete section On Email Tricks and Tactics (page 15)

**Tested, Proven Email Templates

**The 2 ways to send email we recommend...(works best especially if you're starting small.)

**2 PLUG-INS you ought to use...and one is FREE.


**What absolutely KILLS email campaigns! (page32)

**Proven emailing schedule with Spreadsheet

**Tracking Tool you'll need included

**Managing your growing list - without the hassles!

**Explanation of the "Sales Proposal Template" (page 10)

**How to have immediate contact with your clients and bond better to them.

**The Social Media AD approach revealed

**How Facebook is PERFECT for this strategy (page 25)

**The #1 Factor in Your Ad campaign

**The Secret to Behaviors/Demographics & Interests

**The tiny FB budget that gets you all you need!

**The most important metrics for your ads (page 32)

**The easiest way to create FB Lead Ads

**Pricing Your Services For Profit (page 45)

**Best & Easiest ways to get payment

**Delivering the service to clients

**What makes great upsell services

Vimeo Using Retargeting

Doing Retargeting Wrong

Did you know that of all the targeting options you have when it comes to PPC, retargeting can be the most effective one?

The only downside is that many people do it wrong. For instance, grouping all your visitors into one audience and hitting them with the same message is the common practice.

This kind of retargeting can have some serious negative consequences.

In a study by InSkin Media and RAPP, retargeting a redundant message across multiple PPC channels was found to frustrate visitors and depress conversion.

So instead of retargeting just for the sake of retargeting, professionals need to learn to use Retargeting smartly. (like our course teaches).

You Can Upsell These
Clients Easily

Most clients that have a positive experience with their marketing consultant will easily purchase other products/services. You can upsell them different services, like:

• Facebook Page designs and updates
• Social media management
• SEO Services
• Responsive websites; Mobile Websites.
• 3pack Google Rankings
• New Logos & Signage
• Reputation Repair Management
• Print advertising /Postcards
• Lead Generation
• Marketing Funnels
• Etc. (just ask them what they need).

You can price your services from $97 to 1497$ (including recurring fees) depending on the value clients get from them. Obviously some services are worthy substantially more than others. You can outsource these services easily to service providers in

Q: “Is this just a re-hash of a previous course?”
A: Nope, not at all. This new course is our best, tested approach to leveraging Retargeting in the local business marketplace. We have never offered training in this strategy before.

Q: "So why doesn't every local business do this?"
A: Most are simply not aware of it, and have no skillset to implement if they were. Businesses usually have no clue how bad their present ads are and don't properly track and analyze their online campaigns. They are 'floored' when you show them how up to 70% of visitors are lost UNLESS they do this follow-up!

Q: “What is different about Parviz's approach?
A: He did a lot of research before devising this method, specifically because he didn't want to spend much money. That puts his approach head and shoulders above most other costly strategies.

Q: ”Is everyone promoting Retargeting?”
A: NO, not in our experience. Most marketers & consultants don't even bring it up at lcoal business level. A great advantage here is you are offering a service they do not hear about all the time.

Q: "Can't clients do this themselves?"
A: Perhaps some will, but not many! Most business owners are too busy and don't want to learn even the basics of good marketing. Business owners are especially ill-suited for online marketing. You're going to approach them with an atractive deal that gets them more customers and stops all the waste from their current adversting online.

Q: "Do I need technical skills to do this?
A: If you can operate a computer, you'll be fine. Anyone (newbees or veterans) can easily use our Local Retargeting strategies. There's really nothing complex or so difficult it can't be learned quickly.
...and remember we're here to support you.

Q:"How much time are we talking about?"
A: Each client initially takes about 2 hours to set up. Then only 30 minutes per month to manage. However if you offer more services you should expect to invest more time. The per-hour profit is till huge.

Q: "What about Part-time?"
A: Thats fine as most of our consultant/students will be doing this part-time since they have 9-5 jobs. Its just a matter of managing your time. AS little as 5 -6 hours a week part-time is doable.

Q: "How much money will I need (besides the enrollment cost?"
A: You can do this with almost no budget, or a very limited budget. In most cases you can substitute effort and time for money. And don't forget, you’ll receive your fees in advance for each month, so you will not be funding the client's advertising.

Q: "Does this work outside the U.S.?"
A: This works remotely for out-of-area marketing. Retargeting the way we advise, should work anywhere. You do NOT need to meet any of your clients by using email and phone. Many clients actually prefer it.

Q: "Will I need Employees?"
A: NO (Unless YOU Want Them). You could use virtual assistants or outsource, that's fine. But it’s not necessary. Starting out, it's more important you learn the steps and get comfortable with the simple process.

Q: "If It's so Good - Why Don't you charge more?"
A: At this stage we want to build a reputation for good offline training products....Parviz has only produced a couple of local marketing products ever, and reaching a large audience is most important. Pricing this closer to what its really worth would lessen our reach, so we decided to make it very affordable.

Q: "Do I need to solicit clients door-to-door or through cold calling?"
A: You'll be happy to know you can do this all from your computer. As a local consultant, this business is "location independent" and can be done entirely by email and phone from anywhere (whether you are in the US or not).

Q: "This sounds good, maybe too good..."
A: That's understandable when so much of what you see today is full of promises and 'smoke'. All we can say is, this does work, and it gives you something to offer thats unique and not the "same old, same old" when it comes to offline local services.

Q: Are There OTO's I'm expected to buy?
A: There are upgrades you can invest in, but they are absolutely not necessary. If you're on a tight budget, skip them. If you see their value and want to add them, we promise you'll get your money's worth- 100%.

Testimonials You Need To See

The #1 Source For This Training

Since I don't currently do consulting or coaching, the manual and videos are about as close to getting this kind of information from me one-on-one, as you can get.

You literally get to "eavesdrop" on the exact same advice, instruction, and approach I'm using.

To get your hands on this brand new material use the link at the bottom of the page before the Early Bird Order Deadline...


YOU GET A 30 DAY Money-back Guarantee. Try it, put it to the test, and if you don't see results ANYTIME in the 30 Days, send me a note and ask for your money back.. I keep my word and don't want your money if you're unhappy.

(But, I really think this is going to blow you away and you'll be delighted.)

The Bottom Line Is Right Here

Local Retargeting Cash Wizard hands you a system so powerful I actually considered not selling it at all....and I'm definitely limiting sales going forward.

Local Retargeting Cash Wizard takes you from landing your first paying client to collecting monthly fees from your clockwork.

You can start applying these strategies just hours after you finish the training...NO long boring lead time or expensive setup!

Since we've just launched this, very few people know about Local Retargeting Cash Wizard and how effective this is.

This is your chance to get it, use it, and cash in with a price that will never be this low again.

We've built a step-by-step training course that takes you by the hand so you are assured of getting it right.

AND, if you need any help, my team and I are always here to answer questions and guide you further. NOW really is the time to secure your copy and start generating the most Qualified Clients EVER!

Just Look at ALL the Training And Tools You're Getting


A simple and very straight forward method that shows you the exact steps to find and land high paying clients, providing a simple service. This method eliminates all the guesswork.

File Type: PDF (55 pages).

Value: $47.00

DFY Sales Presentation

Powerful Sales Presentation template that will help you sell your service. 

File Type: PPT.

Value: $97.00

Tracking Tool

Cold Emailing Campaign Tracking Tool.

File Type: Excel File.

Value: $47.00

DFY Facebook Video Ad

Done-For-You video and Done-For-You ad text to create your Facebook Engagement Video Ad.

File Type:  AVI (videos), TXT (ad text).

Value: $197.00

DFY Facebook Lead Ad

Done-For-You video and Done-For-You ad text to create your Facebook Lead Ad.

File Type: AVI (videos), TXT (ad text).

Value: $197.00


1. Facebook Retargeting Decoded (Video Course)

In this video series, you will learn how to properly set up and use the power of retargeting on the Facebook platform.

Also you will discover how to professionally use Facebook retargeting marketing to bring back that 98% and convert ‘window shoppers’ into buyers.

File Type: MP4 (9 Videos).

Value: $97.00

2. Email Marketing Success Guide

With more than 205 billion emails being sent and received every day if your business isn't taking advantage of this powerful and massive marketing channel, then you are missing out on a highly effective way to reach your target audience.

Creating a successful email marketing campaign isn’t difficult, but it does require you to do more than just send out an occasional newsletter.

This comprehensive guide will show you how to build an email list and create successful marketing campaigns.

File Type: PDF (47 Pages).

Value: $97.00

Thats a $779 TOTAL Value, but you won't pay anywhere near that. Before I tell you the price, let's review everything you're getting:

1. Step By Step GUIDE - $47.00
2. DFY Sales Presentation - $97.00
3. Tracking Tool - $47.00
4. DFY Facebook Video Ad - $197.00
5. DFY Facebook Lead Ad - $197.00
6. BONUSES - $194.00

Total Value: $779.00

Only One More At This Special Price

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