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What Is It?

Resorts Vids is a collection of six ready to edit, drag and drop video templates that you can use to produce premium videos for resorts and hotels in minutes...

...and your clients will be happy to pay $147 - $497 for each video!

Plus...You are getting a Gorgeous Resorts and Hotels Video Marketing Agency Theme that allows you to sell resort videos right from the website.

Remember: It's a $208 billion (!) industry and there are plenty of high paying clients who need this service...


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When you buy Resorts Vids using my link, you get the following AMAZING BONUSES:

1. Two POWERFUL Client Generation Methods*

(*this bonus is available below even if you didn't get Resorts Vids using my link yet)

I. Showcase Method:

Although this method requires more time for implemention, you can see very good conversion rate. 

Here are the steps:

a. Search for hotels/resorts on Google and other online directories (for example,,,, etc.) and create a list of the potential clients (collect their business names, website addresses and email addresses);

b. Using the Resorts Vids templates and images of a hotel/resort, prepare a showcase video for each hotel/resort on your list;

c.  Upload all your showcase videos on your YouTube channel and collect each video's URL in a separate document;

d. Contact each hotel/resort on your list and inform them that you've created a showcase video for their hotel/resort (providing URL of their video) and note that they can get it for $97/$147/$497 (set the price based on a hotel's/resort's size);

e. If a hotel/resort likes a video and buys it, provide them their video's download link.

Note: If a hotel/resort is not interested or doesn't respond after several follow up emails, just delete those videos from your YouTube channel.

It is always easier for the clients to make a purchase decision when they see the "end-product", as there are no guessing and risks that they will not like the end results, etc.

II. Facebook Ads Method:

This method can bring you fast results without need for cold emailing and cold calling. However, it requires some budget for running your Facebook ads ($5-$10 per day for the beginning would work well).

Here are the steps:

a. Set up your agency website (including payment links) using DFY agency theme of Resorts Vids;

b. Create and run Facebook Ads using the Facebook Ad Image/Video templates and Ad Audience provided below (2nd bonus);

c. Once you receive a payment from a client, prepare a video using a Resorts Vids template and submit the download link of the video to your client.

2. DFY FB Ad Image/Video Templates and Ad Audience


3. Two DFY Facebook Page Cover Templates

4. YouTube SEO V2 (Video Training)

(hint: ranking videos is a great service to upsell)

5. 45 Logo Templates

6. Outsource To Success Report

7. Consulting Wizardry Report

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